Friday, April 23, 2010

Bikes and Weights

Got back on the bike today. I really think there's no training that I love more than my bike. Something about the level of suffering I'm able to attain on the bike is just awesome. It's not that I like suffering, per se, it's just that I enjoy pushing myself. Suffering is what happens when you're dying. Pushing yourself is what happens when you're being reborn! At the risk of sounding cliche, I'm really gaining a new appreciation of what I'm capable of doing, and more often than not this is happening on the bike.

So today was some sustained efforts aboard my steed, and some weight work to keep my body happy and injury free. The bike was playtime and the weights were a chore, but you have to work just as hard as you play to be balanced, so it's all good.

Tomorrow is a long ride and brick run. Looking forward to both as the weather is suppossed to be excellent and sunny. My only regret is that I'm not able to ride with a group leaving a few hours before me as I have to work in the morning. So again, I'll be left to my lonesome for a few hours. Just gotta remember that champions are made when no one is looking and I'll be ok:).

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