Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swim, run

More time being tired today than anything. Even when I wake up I'm tired.

Had an OK swim today. It was a longer endurance swim, so speed was not a necessity-lucky thing because I didn't have any anyway.:) After the swim it was a 45 minute run. To say I missed the mark on this one is a bit far from the truth. Nevertheless, I wasn't quite able to stick to the plan on this one. It was REALLY hot, 92 degrees at the start of the run, and humid. Not to mention I was too pigheaded to hydrate myself during or after the swim, so that was already two strikes against me. I basically started this run with "one foot already in the grave". Looking back, I don't know how I had any reasonable idea how I was going to puch anything on this run. Anyway, it didn't go all that well and in frustration, I ended it about 3 minutes early.

So I had a bad day. No big deal. The most important thing is what can be learned through this. I've taken my medicine, softened up my hard head a bit, and will do better next time. There's always tomorrow!:)

And speaking of tomorrow, it's filled with running and swimming again! Maybe I can get some redemption and actually stick to the plan on this one!

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