Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run, Swim, Run

Another solid Thursday in the books. Double run day with a swim sandwhiched in the middle. At first this day brought me a lot of anxiety, kind of like the type you have before a race. With hard work though, it's actually a day I look quite forward to. Not only is it a huge day of training, but a huge day at work too. basically, with training and work combined, I'm up at 5am and don't get home until 8pm. It's a long day, and I don't stop moving for one second, but I get sooooo much energy from it. This day carries me into the weekend with energy to spare and sets me up nicely to train hard until Sunday.

The first run was awesome. I headed out to one of the more rugged and technical trails here. It's used primarily for mountain biking, and is covered in rocks, roots, sharp uphills and bombing downhills. Also, it is about 100% singletrack with enough singletracks to confuse a compass. In other words, it's not exactly the speediest run, but it'll kick you in the arse more than once.

So about 20 mins in I had my first wipeout. Then at 30 mins another. And yet another around 45 mins. Gotta say though that it was the dirtiest fun I've had in a long time:) -and don't read into that-hahaha!

Swim was with coach Kerry and we worked more on form and breathing. My freestyle is to the point that we're just making minor tweeks. She says it's just about perfect and I'm not arguing:).

Second run was on a kinder, gentler trail system. Since these runs are endurance based, I'm keeping them on the trails. No need to be speedy, just get in the time on the feet. This was a much kinder session and I was able to keep my head above my feet the entire time:). Running is getting easy again and that makes me happy. Three weeks ago at this time (after my runs) I was ready to get in a coffin. Now I'm just as chipper as I was this morning. Ok, I'm not exactly chipper in the morning, but you get the idea:).

Tomorrow is a strength session and some serious work on the bike. It's a short bike session which means it's gonna hurt a lot. haha, love those!

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