Monday, April 19, 2010

Weights and yard work

Instead of going crazy in the gym today I decided to work more of my core in the yard today-and I don't mean the yard as in the prison yard where the weights are, I mean the suburban yard of the house I live in. It's amazing how much core work you can get in when picking up rocks, picking weeds, and raking leaves:).

Overall I just wanted to take it easy today. My right hip is a bit sore and has been annoying me all day. I'm thinking it was from not warming up enough in the cool weather yesterday and trying to rush into my bike session. Or, it could have been the track session I yesterday evening. Either way, it was sore and it needed rest.

Tomorrow is back in the pool for some nice tempo work and then back on the bike for another session in the afternoon. I'm still very happy with the training I did the past week. I put together the best week I've ever had with the perfect mix of intensity and volume. I honestly can't think of a time when I've felt better in training:). First race is just a couple weeks away and it should go well. Looking forward to knocking off some of the rust and getting out there and competing.

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