Friday, April 9, 2010

Weights, Bike Intervals

Pushed some weight around in the gym again today. Ok, actually I didn't actually use all that much weight, just worked on core some stability exercises. This is something that has been neglected in the past and I'm happy to be back doing it again. Even with the small bits that I'm doing (usually around 30 mins per session), I'm seeing great gains in my core strength. This suprises me as I've always thought my core to be strong-obviously I was mistaken:).

On the bike it was short and sweet. Only about an hour and a half of actualy riding time, but with some real quality intervals mixed in. Happily, I haven't lost any of the power I've come home from Spain with! I was terrified that would happen and for it not to I'm relieved:).

I didn't manage too much sleep last night, so it's early to bed again tonight. Hopefully I can make up for it and have a good long ride tomorrow and run. Fingers crossed!:)

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