Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run Test, Swim, Recovery Run

Great show of the work I've been able to put in thus far this week. Swam faster than I ever have the other day and ran fast today. Wasn't the best run I've ever done, but for a 5k and where I am now after my injury, I'll take it.

After the run test around noon, I headed over to the pool for a coached swim session. Man does my backstroke suck. It sucks so bad that when it's suppossed to be used for recovery it actually takes MORE energy out of me:) Gotta work on that one!

The second run of the day was just an easy 45 minute recovery run. Nothing special, but I have to say it was nice running slow and just taking in the day. The pollen here is nuts and my allergies have been quite a burden, but it was still nice to get out and see the sun set over the water during my last couple of miles. Can't wait for summer!

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