Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday continued...Bike, Run

Great day of training. Managed to get in a good bike session before heading out to dinner with the family. Worked on strength a bit in today's session. I'm pushing a much bigger gear these days and it certainly improving my bike speed and efficiency. My legs are still getting used to the effort, but it's gradually coming together.

As for the run, it was all about the track today. Did some real solid interval work and I'm continually pleased with how quickly my running is coming back to me. After a winter of no running, I wasn't quite sure how I'd react. I'm still too new at this to know for sure how an injury and/or layoff will effect me. Being able to bike and swim through the winter surely allowed me to gain some fitness, but what was most important was the mental toughness it gave me. Very pleased all the way around!:)

It's off to bed now for some much earned sleep. My legs are heavy, my mind is tired, and my bed is cozy and warm. Tomorrow is some more strength training followed by "recovery tactics"-i.e. the foam roller, the stick, TP Massage kit, and stretching. Oh and of course, more sleep!:)

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