Thursday, January 21, 2010

1 hour swim with coach

Swam 1 hour with coach Kerri today. We don't do too much yardage in these workouts, but the instruction is invaulable. I always leave feeling better and more confident in my swimming than I did when I got in the pool. I think that's really the purpose of a coach. Follow the program, drink the Kool Aid, and get results. Any program that I've ever bought into, with almost any sport, has given me results. Sure you need to have some common sense, but for the most part, it works without fail.

I'm in a dark area right now personally. Training is going so-so, and I'm still a bit blue about not being able to run. The winter isn't very run right now. For the first time in many years I've been single for a while. Not to get into a personal rant and a "woe-is-me" sympathy post, but it's pretty lonely right now. Kinda makes you appreciate what you had.

It's funny because workwise I'm more successfull than ever, I'm going to Spain next month to ride my frickin' bike in the mountains, and I have a pretty solid network of friends and family. Still something's missing. Whether it's a girl or running remains to be seen. I guess the only proof will come when I run again. Maybe then I'll get some balance back. Ha! or I could just stop feeling sorry for myself and deal with it!

Anyway, I hate to put too much personal stuff up on this blog (as I intended for it to be all about my training), but I think this stuff is relevant. It's affecting my life, so therefore it's affecting my training.

Tomorrow is another swim along with a strength session on the bike. I intend on doing a couple longish (4-5 hour) rides on Saturday and Sunday, so if I'm feeling crappy tomorrow, I may ditch either the swim or the bike, but not both. I'm looking forward to getting in the water again tomorrow (I can't ever remember saying that before this winter!)

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