Monday, January 4, 2010

Run 20 mins

Felt pretty good running today, but I'm afraid I may have gone out a little too soon. I still have a little bit of soreness, not during the run, but in the hours after. I'm really going to have to wait until I have a week of no symptoms whatsoever before I run again. This is unfortunate, but there are good things that are happening here.

First of all, the run, although very short, felt super easy. I haven't lost fitness, I've just lost some of the running muscles I had before having to take this little layoff. I'm happy that my biking and swimming have "kept me in the game" as far as fitness has gone.

Also, I'm glad that it's getting better. This sounds pretty simple, but I'm happy that I ran 20 mins pain free, and that so far, I don't have any real pain or discomfort. I'm dissapointed that it seems to be tightening up, but it's just an indication that there's still some healing left to be done. Soon, if I continue to be smart about not pushing it, the whole injury will be a non issue and I'll be back to running on it full time.

I should be getting a cyclocross bike tomorrow, so I'll have some fun and cool pics to show from when it arrives. I've decided to get into that sport just because it looks like so much fun! I'll be doing a 'cross race in Maryland on February 7th and I'm really looking forward to it. By then the foot should be good and I'll be ready to have a blast. I'm hoping it will be muddy, cold, and gross-great cross conditions!

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