Sunday, January 31, 2010

5 hour ride

Felt very strong for the entire 5 hours on the ride. It was cold as we started (around 23 degrees) and warmed up to about 32 degrees somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, it didn't stay there very long and we finished up around 25 degrees. Brutal. Not quite as brutal as yesterday, but brutal nonetheless.

After a weekend of riding in the teens and twenties, I've realized that these temps are definately doable. It's all in the gear you wear when you ride. Toastie Toe toewarmers are a must, along with a big pair of gloves and a balaclava. I don't own a blaclava, but I'm sure it would've helped those "ice cream" headaches I got yesterday. Also, a nice pair of thermal tights, couple pair of booties, and multiple jackets and jerseys are recommended. If possible, the tights with the windproof panels in the front are the best. I made the mistake of wearing thermal running tights and the wind swept right through them like swiss cheese. Anyway, it can be done. It's a little tough, but anything is better than sitting on the trainer for 5 hours.

Overall, the last two weeks of training on the bike have been a phenomenal success. I've gotten a lot out of riding quite a bit, and don't feel at all fatigued. I have a scheduled rest week coming up, and I'm going to take advantage of it. I plan on swimming a bit, riding just a tiny bit (mountainbiking mostly), and resting up for some hard training before going off and riding the mountains in Spain. All in all a solid two weeks both in training and recovery.

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