Monday, January 11, 2010

Swim, 25 mins

Had another great swim today. It's a recovery day today, so the swim was generally to just stretch out my super sore muscles. I forgot how much I like the soreness that lifting gives you. It's different than running and biking. More of a deep, tight soreness. I'm lovin' it.

For the rest of this week I plan on taking it very easy on my foot. No cycling whatsoever, and lifting bodyparts that dont involve the lower legs. I'm dying to do some calf raises, but it's just too much of a risk right now. The foot has been pain free now for a couple days, and I want to keep that trend going. Doing something stupid again (like falling off my cross bike and banging it on something) doesn't fit into the program right now. The number one priority is health, so that's what I'm gonna concentrate on.

Luckily, I've rediscovered my love for swimming. The more I think about it, I think I can truly love any sport that I do, given the fact that I see myself improving in it. I have a very strong will to accomplish and attain what I want, which is a good thing mostly, but has bitten me in the ass more than once. With swimming, my improvement in the last few months has been astounting. I'm swimming very fast, and taking steps to get even faster. Getting to the pool is now more of a pleasure than a burden.

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