Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bike 2 hours

Great bike today. The weather couldn't be better for riding. Well, it actually could be, but I'll take 45 degrees for January any day. If it weren't for all the salt and sand all over the road, not to mention puddles from the melting snow, it would have been the perfect January ride.

The rest week has gone well. I'm feeling better about training, but still a bit bummed out about my foot. It started to hurt on the top of the foot now, but I'm sure it's nothing as I haven't really used it at all, save for biking and swiming. It hasn't had any real pressure applied to it in close to a month, so I'm not worried. I probably dropped something on it or banged it in some way and forgot about it.

Tomorrow is an easy swim in the morning. I'm gonna do some more lifting tomorrow as well as rowing. I'm tempted to go for a trail run, but I really wanna wait until at least next week to do so. It sucks, but I'm sure it'll pay off when it really counts.

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