Sunday, January 17, 2010

Swim, rowing, and lifting

Another weekend with some cross training mixed in. Swam for a half hour, then hit the rowing maching for another hafl hour, and finished up with a lot of lifting.

I'm enjoying the mental stimulation I'm getting from lifting. I work up this morning feeling like crap and honestly a little depressed that I still can't run. After getting in the water though it went way, and by the time I was done pounding myself with weights, I felt like I never felt bad in the first place.

My biggest obstacle with lifting again will be not to gain weight. I've always had a tendancy to get big easily from lifting, so this has to be taken into consideration. I'm mostily going with a lot of body weight oriented exercises, as well as light free weights. I used to have lifting down to a science (for myself), but getting back into it has got me referencing a lot of my old workout journals. I used to lift A LOT of weight back in the day. It's a little scary to see how much I've changed.

Tomorrow is a rest day, but I'll probably hit the pool for a little bit in the early morning. The water has really had a great calming effect on me that's helping me get through my time without running.

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