Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today was a big "zilch" on the training and big on the eating. Last night I drank a bit more than I wanted to. I've pretty much stopped drinking since I decided to train seriously, so the glass of scotch, 2 beers, and 2 shots I had hit me like a ton of bricks. Back in my college days this would have been the warm up, but now in my skinny triathlete days, this almost put me down. Now it was over the span of about 6 hours, but damn, I can't drink like I used to.

And, as we all know, getting drunk usually comes with a pretty nasty hangover the next day. Yeah, I definately forgot about that one. I haven't gotten drunk in so long I've forgoten what it's like to wake up with your head split in two! Either way, I had a good time last night with some great people. Ringing in the new year and over indulging along the way has got to have its place in life.

So today consisted of eating badly. I started with bacon, eggs, a bagel, and homefries covered in enough butter to cause a heart attack, then followed that up with a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies. I must have had at least 8 cookies...not good! I finished up with some sushi, so I guess the whole day isn't a total loss.

On the injury front, the foot is ready to go. I did some light jogging around the house and to and from the car, and didn't even have a "ping". I'm going to give it an additional week to rest though. I anticipated it being ready by today, but being that today is really the only first day that I truly didn't feel anything in the way of pain, I think it would pay to let it rest just a bit more. At this point, I'm certain that a week one way or another isn't going to matter much. Besides, my bike fitness and swim fitness are both very strong. I've really done a good job holding onto some fitness through this injury, and I'm very happy with that.

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