Friday, January 29, 2010

45 minute swim

After yesterday's swim session with my swim coach, I was roasted. Today's swim was mostly about recovery and getting set for this weekends back to back long rides. My body felt pretty wasted when I got in the water this morning, so I just took it easy and did a lot of easy lengths, mixed in with some breast stroke and kick work. For some reason, there's nothing more soothing to me than doing lengths of dolphin kicks. I literally think I could do them all day. Maybe that's why I'm getting to be such a good butterflyer:). Whatever the reason, it's just nice to get in the flow of the water.

The rest of the day will be dedicated to work and resting. My foot is really coming around, and I'm going to see the PT today to work on getting some of the scar tissue out of my posterior tibialus. I'm 99% sure that is the root of the problem and that I should, with some luck, be able to resume light jogging next week. I'm not going to look forward to it though, becasue everytime I seem to do that another wrench gets thrown in the plans. We'll see...

Tomorrow is a 4 hour ride with a light swim followed by Sunday's 5 hour bike ride. The weather is suppossed to be frigid. Should make for some interesting times. Hopefully my toes and fingers will all stay on.

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