Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, 20 min disaster run, 90 min singlespeed moutainbike

I tried to run yesterday and it was a disaster. I made it about 1 mile in and started having pain in the arch of my foot. Oddly, the outside of my foot, where my injury is, had no pain, but I guess from overcompensating for the injury, the arch was being stressed. Not to mention, I wore my new New Balance 100 trail shoes (that have the fit and support of slippers) to run in. In most cases this wouldn't cause any sort of a problem as I've trained almost exclusively in racing flats and minimalistic shoes since I started running, but with the injury it was like a nail in the coffin of this particular run. So after 20 minutes, I trudged out of the trail, cursing like a sailor and depressed as all hell, got into the car, and went back to work with my arch on fire.

After work, I went back to the original plan of taking out The Meatsaw for 90 mins on the trail. I had the time of my life! All the depression and anxiety over my foot went away, and I was just able to focus on having fun and playing around in the woods. The singletrack where I ride is so quiet and peacful (not to mention technical as all hell-at least for Long Island). It was a great change of pace and I think it really saved me from falling off the deep end in regard to my foot.

Interestingly, I have had no pain in the foot today. The original injury is nearly gone, and the arch feels much better. I believe with a little more rest I'm gonna be back to neat. Also, wearing more supportive shoes and spending more time running on softer surfaces will help out too.

Today is a 4 hour bike ride. It's still a little chilly here though, so I might switch it from road to the mountain bike and go for only 3 hours. I have a 5 hour ride tomorrow that I really want to do tomorrow early when the temps are suppossed to be a little more mild. Either way, the focus of this weekend is to put in some good base hours and have fun on two wheels.

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