Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday, 4 Hour Ride

Rode four hours yesterday, 3 outside and 1 on the trainer indoors. When I left the temperature was in the teens, and when I finally submitted to the cold it was even colder. There are certain temps that you just can't ride in, and the teens with single digit windchill is one of them. I dressed warm enough, but the real challenge was breathing. I got an instant "ice cream" headache the moment I stepped out the door. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't feel my face shortly after as well. It's freakin' cold!!!

The hour on the trainer was the longest in life! I hate riding indoors, but it was a necessity yesterday.

Today is a 5 hour ride. I'll go with my original plan to ride outside for an hour, inside for an hour, repeating this until the ride's done. Should be fun!

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