Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swim, 40 mins

Just had an easy swim this morning. I'm still super sore from my lifting this weekend, mosty in the chest and abdominal area. I'm wondering if my "not sore" areas (back, shoulders) are a result of all the rowing I did easing some of the tighter muscles. Either way, I hurt, but in a good way I guess.

I'm so happy to be enjoying swimming while my foot heals completely. It's taking a lot of the stress of not training away. I mean I'm training, but just not like I want to. I want to do it all right now, but that's just simply not a reality right now.

I'm toying with the idea of getting back in the water this afternoon, but I think I'm gonna call it a day. This is a recovery week, and that's what I need to do. Maybe another short swim tomorrow and some light lifting. Nothing as crazy as this weekend though. Just wanna keep active.

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