Sunday, January 3, 2010


Don't really feel like doing much today. This is why I hate the holidays. When I get off schedule from anything, it really has a great effect on my entire life, training included. I enjoy the chance to relax and see family, but I don't like getting away from my normal schedule. It changes the way I feel, and not always for the better.

Case in point: Today. I had a real hard time getting out of bed this morning, and generally don't feel like doing anything today. I felt like crap yesterday after training, and the feelings carried over to today. I'm not sure why though. I may not have fueled enough during trianing yesterday. I ate like a monster into the night, and I believe that the "bonk" may have hit me when I was done training. I've been a little neurotic with my diet lately (trying not to eat as much as my training volume has dipped resulting from my injury), so that might be a reason as well. All in all, things are F'd up at the moment.

With that I'm debating on whether or not to throw in the towel on training today. I don't really feel like it, I'm tired, I'm sore, and it's 19 degrees outside with occasional 50 mph winds. I'm usually up for a day like this and love the challenge, but I just don't know if I'm game for it today. A day of rest may be better than pushing things too far.

Or...maybe I just need to HTFU and get on the trainer and grind it out while watching movies and listening to podcasts. I don't know. What I do know is that I need another cup of coffee before I make any decisions...

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