Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 hour bike

Great focused day of training today. As much as I hate training indoors, sometimes it can't be avoided. I've ridden my bike in blizzards and driving rain, but because I wanted to get in some solid efforts today, I decided it would be best to suck it up, hop on the rollers and trainer, and get down to business.

I didn't do anything too complex, just 3x20 min "big gear" efforts. Basically I would alternate between easy, aerobic periods of 20 minutes and big gear sustained efforts. Since I don't have a power meter, I geared up (or down) to 53x11 and kept the cadence around 80-85 for twenty mins. Felt great and left me tired by the end of the 3 hours.

I noticed in Spain that I was primarily a "small gear" rider. That is, I wasn't pushing big gears and was spinning out quite badly on many of the climbs. Power and pushing bigger gears is going to be a big priority for me. I've noticed a huge increase in speed and effeciency when I ride like this so I want to keep it going. Also, since Ironman is such a sustained effort of not slowing down over a long day, I think it'll serve me well.

Just got and email that made my day so I'm gonna go respond to it:). Tomorrow is an easy swim in the morning, long, easy ride after, and another hour run when I'm done with that. Hopefully all will go well!

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