Saturday, March 20, 2010

4 hour bike, 30 min run

Today I took years off my life riding my bike. I went out so hard, for so long, I literally couldn't see straight and had to pull off the road to avoid all the swerving. The original workout called for 4 hours, with 4x20 min HARD effort. I had every intention of doing the workout as planned, but something clicked in my brain, and I wanted to see what I could endure. It's odd, but I really wanted to wreck myself on the bike to see just how far I could take it before I cracked. In a race last season, pacing was a major issue. I don't blame the mistep on the fact that I went too hard, I blame it on the fact that I didn't know just how hard I could go. In otherwords, I didn't have the knowledge of my maximum effort. I never did it and I didn't feel it.

So today I got a real taste of just what I was made for. I pushed the limits for as long as I could, got my wits back after some easy riding, and pushed it again. I rode so hard that I had a sore throat, trouble breathing, and rubbery legs the likes of which I've never felt. I accomplished something I think will really help me this season. Call it stupid or ameturish, but I feel very happy about completely shelling myself.

When I arrived home, I put on my running shorts and shoes, then collapsed in a heap on the livingroom floor. Couldn't move, couldn't think straight, just had to lay there for a bit. After I got myself together, I actually got in a pretty decent run. I missed out on the benefit of getting a true transition run in there, but nonetheless, the legs came around and I was actually able to run pretty quick.

Great day of training today with tons learned about myself. Tomorrow is a 5-6 hour EASY ride with a swim before. At this point, I don't think I'll have any other speed but easy:). We'll see...

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