Friday, March 12, 2010

Swim, 45 min run

Great swim this morning. Didn't worry too much about in intensity, but rather form and settling into a pace. I haven't swum much in the past couple weeks, so it's time to get serious about it again. Today was a good start.

This afternoon I got back to my favorite trail. The last time I ran this trail it was a disaster as I wasn't completely healed from the injury. Today reminded me why I love running so much. It was the first time I can honestly say that I felt terriffic the whole time, and was completely at peace on my trail:). I pulled the plug at the 45 minute mark. I really want to take it very, very easy as I make it back into running. I would have loved to run more today, but it just wouldn't have been the smart thing to do.

This weekend is gonna be sketchy. I'm definately going to ride long on the bike tomorrow and Sunday, the only question will me how much I'm going to be able to do outdoors. We're suppossed to get hit with a storm tomorrow with very hard winds. There's a point when you need to tough things out and get out in the elements, and there's a time when you have to realize that you're not going to get any "real" training in horrible weather. This weekend looks like it's going to be the latter. Either way, Sunday is looking like the lesser of the bad days so I'll most likely get some solid riding outside that day-even if it is a bit wet.

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