Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swim, 1 hour run

Good day of training in the books today. Got in a nice hard swim in the morning, and a moderately paced run a couple hours later.

I woke up really tired this morning. I mean really tired. I was groggy, my legs felt like lead, and my eyes just wouldn't go all the way open. I got a cup of coffee, headed out the door, saw a client and headed to the pool.

I'm pretty happy with my swim right now. As I've said before, I believe now it's just a matter of putting in more yards. I spend all winter refining my stroke with the help of an awesome swim coach, so the bugs have been worked out and not it's time to condition the hell out of those swimming muscles.

As far as the run is concerened, I took things mostly easy today. My legs are still tired and heavy from this weekends bike riding, so I did't want to dig myself into a bigger hole. After about ten minutes in, my stride started to get going and the rest of the run was easy. I'm looking forward to feeling how easy running will be once I get more miles in. Now, and since the injury, it's felt a bit labored. I guess that's to be expected after having to take three months off completely from running.

Tomorrow I'm looking to get back on the bike for some strength work. I'm deathly afraid of losing all the power I brought home from Spain. It's probably a ridiculous thing to be afraid of, but I really don't want to reach back and not find it there one day:). Otherwise, life is good and I'm happy. I try to smile more and more each day and I think it's working because my face is starting to hurt:).

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