Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swim, Bike

Put together a real solid day of training today. Intervals in the pool as well as some endurance riding on the bike finishing with intervals there as well.

In the water I felt great. I was going faster then I thought and holding a solid and consistent pace for my big sets. I'm really excited to see how I'll perform in the water at races this year:). I'm sure to be faster, the only question is how much faster:).

On the bike I headed indoors to ride. Most days I'd suck up a little rain, but we've had some big rain here over the past couple days and many of the roads are flooded. Not to mention, the already bad drivers here are only worse in the rain and fog, so it was a much better idea to stay indoors. However, I did manage to crash off the rollers toward the end of the intervals. I was so fried I couldn't keep my balance anymore and wound up going off the side:). Scared the dog half to death and left a sweet skidmark on my freshly cleaned rugs...ah, the price of training:).

Gonna get some good food, so some foam rolling, and call it an early night. Work is light this week due to the school holiday, so I'll have plenty of time to relax and train hard. Gonna be fun!

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