Thursday, March 4, 2010

Run 1 hour, Swim with coach

Been very productive since arriving home. So far the only good thing about being back (besides seeing my parents and dog) is that I'm still on Spain time. So this morning I shot out of bed at 4am, unpacked my stuff, rebuilt and cleaned my bike, made coffee, and made a great breakfast. I'm in the middle of the day now and seeing clients until I break for the afternoon.

I ran an hour yesterday and felt fantastic. Very easy, just to let the legs out a bit, but good nonetheless. I'm going to run again this afternoon before my swim session with coach Kerry, but only for about 45 mins-again nice and easy. I'm sure I'm more tired than I think and I don't want to dig a hole that'll be tough to get out of once real training resumes again this weekend.

Also gotta look into Visas for a longer stay in Europe:) Hmm.....