Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ride, 1 hour

Still shelled from the travel and trying to be too productive too soon. I think it would have served me well not to train for a couple days after the flight back and concentrate completely on recovery. As it is, my stomoach is getting better, but still a bit "iffy" at times, and I got a migrane for the first time in months today. Usually, getting a migrane for me is a sign of overextending myself and not resting enough. Tomorrow is a rest day so I'm sure things will start to come together by Tuesday.

On the ride today, I was absolutely amazed to see the results of the Spain trip. While I was still not quite 100% rested, the power I'm putting out on the bike is unreal. I was pushing bigger gears and going faster than I can ever remember. Just crazy...

I'm so excited about my training right now and getting ready to race. This is really going to be a great season and exciting new year!

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