Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 hour bike, 30 min swim

I really wanted to get in all 3 hours on the bike consecutively today, but I was only able to get 2:25 in before I had to leave for work. I intended on doing 1 hours on the rollers before the sun came up, and then an additional 2 hours once I could get outside. However, it was cloudy and really didn't get light enough to ride safely before 7am. By the time I got dressed and out the door, I was only able to get in about an hour and 25 mins on the roads before it started snowing. A little dissapointing, but not too bad.

After work I got in a 30 minute easy swim to get some blood in my aching shoulders, and then went back home and got on the rollers for another 35 mins to get in the complete 3 hours because I'm anal like that.

Today was a good day. My foot is healing more and more and I was able to ride without it hurting at all. I also got to go to the physical therapist that works at the gym I work out of, and she was able to zap it with a lazer as well as give me some strength exercises to go along with it. I guess I'm starting to get a little older and need to concentrate on doing more strength training. I always thought that because of my background as a hockey and lacrosse player, not to mention bodybuilding for 5 years, I would never need to lift a weight again. Being a skinny endurance athlete has changed all that. Time to hit the weights again if I want to avoid stupid injuries like this one.

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