Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 and 1/2 hour swim today

So for the time I spent at the pool, there wasn't a ton of yardage, but for the most part, a lot of positive things happening. My main set consisted of 1000 yards. It was suppossed to be alternating 200's, changing drafting parters at the end of each 200, but being as I have no friends :) to swim along with.... Ok, well that's not true as my good friend Kasia came along to do her own swim, but she didn't want to draft with me so that doesn't count.

I've taken a different approach to the swimming I'll be doing for the rest of the season. While I had a solid main set today, I'd like to focus around those big sets at improving my stroke even in the smallest bits. I know that sounds obvious, but I really need it. I just hope I'm doing the right stuff and not putting myself further in a hole. I "feel" faster, so I guess there's something to that.

Up for tomorrow is a nice 75 mile ride followed by a 7 mile run. This is to be a race simulator of sorts on the bike, with a 30 second-faster-than-race-pace run. I've really loved running hard lately, so this ought to be fun.

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