Wednesday, September 23, 2009

50 mile bike, 10 mile run

Good one today. For most of the bike I really took it easy. Dragged my buddy Adam out again to ride. LOTS of climbing for most of the 50, but didn't really turn up the intensity until about 5 or 10 miles left in the ride. Those were FAAAST and FURIOUS-All out effort. I honestly gave every bit I had left in these miles with no regard for human life-MY human life!

The run was a bit more of the same, but I did go out a bit harder. The start was a bit of a relaxed pace (around 7:30 or so). Again did a TON of climbing on this run and ended the last 6 miles around a pace of 6:30.

I'm fascinated by the fact that I just continue to get stronger and stronger the longer the day goes. I felt better running today than I did in Monday's long tempo effort-and my legs are still sore from that day! By the time I hit the final miles of today's run, I felt like I could hold that pace for a while more.

All along I thought I had speed and no endurance. Boy how things change...

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