Thursday, September 17, 2009

Race Simulator-75 mi bike, 7 mi run

Today was a good day. My head was clearer than it's been in a while. I felt pretty this morning, and was excited going into my workout.

Started the ride conservatively. I no longer have that "kill it from go" attitude that I've had before. I realize that what I've choosen to do is a long race, and a lot can happen in it. With this has also come the realization that I get stronger the longer I'm on the course. My body has switched from being all power and speed to more of an endurance machine. I mean it's still powerful, but there's much more sustainability within.

So the ride was good. Met up with my buddy Adam and pretty much killed it on a relatively hilly route. On the flats I was up near 26mph, which I'm happy with. It felt like a good pace and I could hold it well. The hills were what they always were, and I floated up pretty nice. Overall I rode well.

The run was a bit tough. I've been running well lately, and this was no different, but it was tough. Being that it was a race simulator, I obviously wanted to simulate race conditions. I imagined I had just come into T2 with the race leader and had gotten out ahead of him on the run course. Basically I ran like I was being chased-and it worked. Managed to hold a 6:30 average for the 7 miles. Not lightning, but I'm happy.

Off for a shower now and some free medicine (i.e. sleep!).

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