Friday, September 18, 2009

Pushing Big Sleep

Pushing big sleep after pushing a big gear yesterday was great. I just got back from an hour spin with a client and my legs feel fresh and good as ever. Usually I find I'm a bit sluggish from a big effort workout, but today I'm feeling good. I'm not saying I could do the same thing again today, but I'm just sayin'...

Today is a 3500 yard swim. I used to look at these as daunting tasks, often psyching myself out before I got in the pool. Today I feel positive about the workout and plan to just get in the water and let the yardage take care of itself. My swimming is nowhere near where it needs to be, so I'll just take today as it comes. If I decide to spend more time on technique and less time on yardage, so be it. At this point, I doubt I'm gonna gain any aerobic advantage from swimming alone.

The recovery from yesterday really excites me. I was absolutely toasted after the workout (even partially falling asleep when standing), but with a good nights sleep and some solid nutrition, my body responded very well.

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