Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1/2 hour swim

Easy swim today. I don't wanna say that I felt awesome in the water, but I certainly didn't feel bad. At this point of the season, I'm seriously thinking hard already about what I want to accomplish this off-season as well as next year.

Basically, I want to kick ass. To do that, I need to keep improving in ALL facets of this sport. Luckily, there's not one thing about it that I DON'T like. I love swimming, I love biking, and I love running. Any questions? From what I can see, I need to get faster in everything, but in particular swimming. I'm a great athlete, and I think my mind is in a good place. I know I suck ass in the water, so I'm willing to seek help. I'm happy that I've grown out of the part of my ego that thinks that I'm the best at everything and no one can teach me anything. That's burned me in other sports and it won't happen with this one.

Swimming will be great this winter and I expect nothing but the best of myself. My motivation is still at a super high level (even after a long season). There's just so much to learn, both about the sport and about myself, that I'm so excited with each day I get out there and train. With discipline and hard work I can definately succeed.

Tomorrow is an easy spin on the bike and I think I might add an easy run in the afternoon as well. I don't wanna do too much, but I just feel like running.

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