Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 Hour Ride

Had a great 4 hour ride today. Finished up with about 70 miles of wicked climbing. I kept the heartrate down as this is a base phase. A good point my coach made was that I didn't have enough long base days going into my last race at Timberman. In reality, I just didn't put in the hours to "race" for 4+ hours. This explains why I can go real fast in short races, but have faded big time in the longer ones.

I'm excited to follow his perscription of longer hours for two reasons:
1)He knows his sh*t so who am I to argue :)
2)I'm able to do it as I no longer have some personal obligations I was previously held to.

All in all I think it's gonna make a big difference in my last race this season, the Mighty Montauk Half Iron race in the beginning of October.

One last reason I'm psyched about these longer workouts is the fact that I always get a big boost in fitness from racing. Timberman kicked my butt, but in the week since the race I've noticed a huge improvement in fitness. Sure I hurt for a couple days, but I seem to bounce back at least 50% stronger than before. This is exciting and I hope I can hold onto this fitness through the last month of my season. My biggest obstacle will be to STFD (or Slow the F*ck Down). For this reason, my heart rate monitor will be my best friend.

I'm going all out in this last month of the season. There are no excuses not to do the right thing. Sleeping, eating, training, and working are the only things that I have to focus on right now. To some this may seem lonely, but to me it's heaven.

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