Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm starting this blog to get rid of all the bullshit I've had on my other blog. It's not so much that the old blog was fluffy and nice, but it was a bit haphazard. I didn't update it enough and it was sort of random in some places. With this blog, I intend on writing about my life and how it relates to triathlon. In the past weeks, triathlon has become a MAJOR part of my life and my biggest passion. Often I failed to dedicate a lot to it for various reasons, but now I'm going for broke.

I intend to update this blog on a daily basis, so please feel free to comment and come back every day for new stuff. In some ways it will serve as a supplemental training log. In others, it will serve to get my point of view accross.

I hope you enjoy my rambling, and continue to watch me progress in my journey in this sport.

Thanks for reading,

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