Monday, September 28, 2009

Rest Day

After a good week (and block) of training, it's time to take a day off. In looking at my numbers from last week, I realized I hit about 60 miles running. This was highest milage I've hit for the season for any given week of running. I've run more hours, but I don't quite think the distance has been there. I'm excited to see how this will effect my race performance this coming Sunday.

Today it will be all about recovery. Nutrition is gonna be a focus, as well as wearing my Skins most of the day, and getting in some foam rolling and TP massage kit work. My hip has been feeling a bit tender so I'll focus a lot on that.

Otherwise, I think I'll just try to chill today. Maybe catch up on some reading or go see a movie(as long as it's a matinee 'cuz I'm cheap!). Looking forward to feeling my body recooperate this week!

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