Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2k swim

Really rough day today both mentally and physically. I woke up in a somewhat good mood, but as the day went on it only got worse. Just one of those days when my fuse was short. I got a lot of sleep last night, but I attribute the bad attitude to the effort I put in on the run yesterday.

As good as yesterday's run was, today's swim was just as bad. From the beginning I didn't feel like going to the pool at all, but after conferring with my coach, we decided to shorten the yardage. What was suppossed to be a 3k swim turned into a 2k swim. From there it was up to me to put out less than maximum effort on my interval sets, and keep it relatively low key. By the end of the 2k if I felt good enough I could go for the extra 1k, but if not, then no worries.

So the 2k was the end of it. I felt flat from my warm up, my joints ached, and generally my mood was shit. I got the yards in and that's the end of it. In actuallity, I most likely did a bit less than 2k, but I don't really care. One bad training day at the pool isn't going to take away the months of hard work that I've put in thus far. Tomorrow is another day and I'll make the most of it.

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