Monday, September 14, 2009


Yeah, it's here again-the dreaded beginning of the week. At least it's football season and there's a game on tonight. Otherwise it would be sooo depressing.

After a pretty good weekend (by no means a restful one), I'm not at all ready for the week. Today is going to be an easy spin for about 40-60 mins just to loosen the legs up a bit from yesterday. Interestingly, I have no soreness whatsoever in my legs. This is either an indication that I'm super fit, or didn't go hard enough yesterday. I think it's an indication of the latter. I just didn't come to race yesterday. My result was still great however, but I really could have killed that course if I'd been there with my game face on. Oh well, no excuses. I knew when the race was, and I knew what time it was going to be...should have prepared a bit better.

I think I'm gonna take "The Meat Saw" out to the trails today. Something about being in the woods really just relaxes me and lets my mind go-something I really need right now.

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