Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Rest or Not to Rest...

Ah the big question. I've always heard that you should save a rest day for when you really need it, and that training plans are written in pencil and not pen. Today, I'm a little sluggish from yesterday's long ride and run, so I'm presented with the question, "Do I suck it up and run a key run workout today?" or "Do I rest today, and run tomorrow (in effect on well rested legs), and kill the key workout?"

There are definately pros and cons for both points of view. Somewhere in the middle, my mind is telling me to rest for the better portion of the day, watch the football game, and if I'm still up to it later this afternoon, go out and run. It's only about 12 miles total running, and about only 6 of that are hard.

I figure that if I'm to rest until around 4pm today, that will give me about 22 hours of rest between my last session and this session. In effect, I will have taken almost an entire day to rest. I'll see where today takes me. At worst, I can always rest all day today, eat well, and head out tomorrow afternoon to run. At this point in the game I don't think it much matters, I only think my head is spinning with overthinking. I just wanna train!


  1. Sometimes what we "want" and what we "need" are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm sure the matter is well in hand. Train (and rest) well.

  2. So, so true Ace. I can usually tell when I'm about to "wig out" and go into over training by my attitude. If things seem bleak mentally, it's time to take a step back physically. I think (as does my coach) at this point in my season I'm walking the fine line between being cooked physically. This is the longest I've ever trained for ANY sport in any given period of time. I think I'm looking forward to a break!