Friday, September 4, 2009

4k. Ok so it was a breakthrough workout.

I really kicked ass at the pool today. As a matter of fact, I've been kicking ass all week. If all goes to plan, I should end up with someplace close to 23-25 hours of training this week. Not only is that a personal best for me, but it blows out of the water any amount I've ever done before. The funny thing is, I've never felt better. Maybe this is the way I'm dealing with what's gone on in my personal life. I think its deeper than that though. This is PASSION. I've come up short on so many goals in my life I can't count them. This one will not get away. I'll die before I let that happen.
This is gonna be a good weekend. We'll see where it leads.


  1. kill it this weekend dude. can;t wait to see the results of the Hamptons/Montauk race. Maybe I'll make a trip out to heckle you to go faster.

  2. Yeah man, heckle away! It'll be a lot of fun. For the Montauk race I'd like to go out there for a few days before the race. If I do, you're welcome to join.