Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something like a 7 hour day today

Had a great ride with my new friend Rick, and a decent run following that. The bike was semi-casual. I really just wanted to get the saddle time in. I pushed the pace a bit (purely out of the "just wanting to" feeling) at some times, but chilled out at others. After 100+ miles I was able to come off the bike feeling somewhat fresh and ready to go.

Onto the run, we took it easy at first and soon I began to push again. I think the theme of the day was to go when I felt good, and to lay back when I didn't (which really wasn't all that much).

Now, there's something interesting I want to share. If you're EVER going to do a long ride followed by a long run, DO NOT eat nothing but Cliff Bars and Ensure while on the bike and then go run. The first five miles of the run were fine-and then it hit me. In so many words, I nearly crapped my pants. That's right, Mr. Running in No Shirt Tough Guy nearly had to finish his workout with a load in his shorts. Luckily the sensation passed (until I got home anyway) and I was able to complete the workout "clean".

So that was the day. Total was about 7 hours of quality training. Tomorrow is a nice long tempo-ish run and then football football football!!!!!


  1. I once ran into a trailer on a construciton site and begged to used the toilet. Construction guys at 8am are not that nice, but a managed to get the job done.

  2. Hahaha, you do what you have to at that point! I'm sure that toilet seemed like the nicest you'd ever seen at that point!

  3. make sure to check out Terenzo Bozone's tweet from the other day (I just fowarded to you via DM. Seems he had a similar problem and was also drinking Ensure. common thread between the 2 experiences.