Sunday, September 27, 2009

The last training day

Today is the last real training (for racing) day of my season this year. I have a 16 mile run to do, in which 12 of those miles will be at some sort of a tempo pace. To say I'm unmotivated to run is an understatement. I'm tired and sluggish, and can make every excuse not to get out there today.

I've undertaken mundane tasks like rebuilding my road bike in anticipation of the winter, trying to get out of the run today. I knew this would happen, and even tried to rope a buddy of mine into running with me. When he bailed on me this morning it took even more of the wind out of my sails.

So here I sit, with only about 2 hours of training left to go, and I don't want to get off of my lazy ass. Even writing this is a form of procrastination.

Ok, I'm just gonna go and get up and do it.

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