Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Had a great swim today. Really relaxed and focused these days. It seemed more and more often in the days and weeks preceeding Timberman that I'd been draging myself through swim sessions. I didn't have much motivation in following that black line before Tman, but with a bit of a lacluster swim there, I thirsty for blood now.

It's awesome how great this sport is. At least for me this year, there have been plenty of second chances. I'm still new to this, so the learning curve is huge. After a semi-solid performance at Timberman, it'll be nice to get another crack at the distance in October at the Mighty Montauk Half. At the very least, I've learned a ridiculous amount in each race I've done this year, and the experience is something that you can't just learn through training. I didn't realize there's a way to race. It's not all about just pounding away. To quote one of my favorite movies, "The sh*t's chess not checkers!"

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