Friday, December 11, 2009

Bike 2:11

Two hour bike ride today. Very Very chilly out there. Dressed perfecly for the weaher, but I could probably use some warmer socks. Hards were warm and I was just under the point at which I sweat. My biggest fear was sweating to much today and winding up being colder than I would normally have been. The temperature reading on my sweet new Bontrager NODE 2 bike computor held constant to 30 degrees. With the windchill though it felt more like 7 degrees.

The NODE 2 computor is great and offers basically all the fuctions my Garmin 305 does. However, I'm a bit pissed as the Altimiter didn't seem to be working. Yesterday I was getting great readings but today it was way off. At some points I had negative readings. It's dissapointing because I usually like to know how much climbing I've done in my rides and was excited to get an acurate readout. Today was especially tough with the climbs as well. Oh well. Most importantly I got my heartrate that averaged 138 bpm so all is not lost. I guess the climb total just feeds my ego anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to ride for about 2:30-3 hours, followed by 3-4 hours on Sunday. It's all base so I don't think it'll be too much. I'll also try to keep the route flatter as the rides go longer to keep my HR down.

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