Friday, December 18, 2009

More Foot Goodness

The foot is feeling better almost by the minute. Sleeping with the sock on has really changed things in a big way. I don't have pain in the morning like I did before, and the scartissue that developed seems to be breaking up nicely. There are some great youtube vids from the TP Massage people that demonstrate all the exercises and movements you can use to get the most out of their products. Good stuff.

It's suppossed to snow here pretty heavily this weekend. I love running in snowstorms (or any kind of storm for that matter) so hopefully the foot will be ready for a short jog his Sunday. I'm not going to push it hough, but if it feels good, I might go out for a short test run.

Also, it'll be time to get back on the mountainbike in the snow soon. As much as I love it, I'll be disappointed not to be out on the roads. Oh well, soon enough they'll be clear again and I'll be able to go.

Today will be an easy 1:30-2 hour ride. Just really more of a mellow MAF ride than anything else. I'm very curious to see what my HR numbers will be like once I start running again. It'll be ineresting to see whether or not all the biking had an inlfluence on it or not. I'm thinking they'll be a little high from not using my run-specific muscles, but I don't think it'll take too long to get right back to where I was. Remember, the most important thing is long term health.

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