Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest Day

Rest day today. Going to do a little easy spinning if anything, but all in an easy gear and all on flats. I really want to rest my foot for the next two days and stay off it as much as possible. While cycling doesn't hurt it directly, I still think that not bearing any weigh at all will let the ligaments and whatever soft tissue that is injured heal all that much more. Tomorrow is a swim, so that should help as well.

My legs are tired from this past week of training. I did more cycling this past week than I've done in a while. And though it was all base effort, I think it still took it's toll. They're not sore, just tired.

Work-wise today is very easy. The "holiday cancellations" are on, so from now until Christmas I'll probably have a nice light schedule. This goes well with my training and rehab of the foot. I've set a goal date of no running until Jan. 1, so I hope things go well. Time and rest will tell.

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