Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Run, PM Swim

Got up early this morning to test out the foot. There's seriously nothing better than rolling out of bed at 4:45am and hitting the road by 5am for a run. The rest of the world is still in bed and things are eerily quiet. It's a very peaceful time to be outside. It's almost like you own the world at that time of morning.

Anyway, the run went OK. Nothing spectacular. The foot ached for the first 10 or 15 mins, but felt fine afterwards. It has gotten a bit tighter since the run which leads me to believe it needs more time. I only ran about 35 minutes, but that was enough to convince me to put my running shoes on the shelf for at least another week until I'm back to 100%. It's a tough decision and it kills me to have to make it, but in the end I need to be healthy. I'm not going to sacrifice my body for my ego.

Swam for around 45 mins to an hour. Again abou 90% drills. I'm definately getting faster. I started letting other swimmers (that used to be faster than me) about a 10 yard head start. I'd then "race" them to the wall 25 yards away. Without fail I caught them every time. I'm very happy with my swimming now and am glad I'm becomming good at it not only because I need it for my season, but also because it'll help me to get to the pool more now that I'm gonna take another week off from running to let the foot heal. Good training day overall.


  1. I am glad to hear you're being smart about the running. I know it's torture but in the long run, a little rest might actually be good for you even though it seems like the opposite is probably true.

    Have you tried doing any dry land drills? They seem a little hokey when you first start doing them but if you do those along with the water drills, you'll notice a huge difference in your form. They work.

  2. Yeah I started to do some work with cords and stuff in the mirror. Definately hokey to start, but I have noticed much more power in my pull as a result.
    The time away from running is soooo hard, but you're right, it's definately worth it. Besides, it's only December and I still have plenty of biking and swimming I can do. I just have to maintain a positive outlook. Thanks!