Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wonderful Suprise!!!

I woke up this morning to absolutely no pain in the foot whatsoever!!! I mean NO PAIN at all! Not from the first steps to the one's I've just taken to write this on the computor. I'm very excited!!! However, I have to maintain my composure and not do anything stupid like I have in the past. I'm still sticking to my original January 1st run deadline, and I'm not going to take a stride until then-not even as a test. Also, I'm still sticking with no cycling for the rest of the week, and only easy stuff on the trainer thereafter. I'm going to let this thing heal COMPLETELY before I put any stress whatsoever on it.

I'm just so excited that I'm healing. Yesterday I was scared of never being able to run again, and today is like an early Christmas present!!! So excited. Headed off to the pool.

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