Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rest Day (and shoveling snow)

Today was intended to be a complete day of rest, off my feet, but with the super large snowstorm we had last night into this morning, I had to get out and shovel for two hours. It was a super great core workout and I was careful not to put too much weight on my bad wheel. It's amazing what a little rest will do. Even as the day goes along it's feeling almost better by the minute. Nothing like a snowy day to sit in and watch football while laying on the couch.

In the coming weeks I think I'm going to try and play with my nutrition a little. I've never had a problem with excess weight gain after starting triathlon (my bodyfat in season is probably even a bit low at ~4-5%). In fact, I think at some times I have to gain some fat to help me train! I have a lot of muscle mass left over from my lacrosse and hockey days, so my main objective is just to get "light". I also have been reading the "Paleo Diet for Athletes" and would like to give it a go. My training volume is relatively light currently and in the coming weeks, so now would be a good idea to tweak and try new things.

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