Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bike 4 Hours

Got out a little later than I wanted to today. I knew the weaher was suppossed to be rainy in the afernoon, so I wanted to get out as early as possible to get in my bike before the rain. I got up at 6, checked in with, and saw that the temperature was at 22 degrees, but it felt like 16 degrees. A little cool for my blood, so I decided to wait a couple of hours until it warmed up.

By the time I got out it was cold still, but not freezing. I don't know where they got the "feels like" temperature from, but it actually felt warmer as there was no wind. The last two days were miserably cold becuase of the wind but today was almost pleasant.

I got out for about 4 hours and only got caught in heavy rain for the last hour. The third hour was drizzly, and actually felt spring like. The temps warmed up to the 40's and I nearly took off my bulky cycling gloves.

I was very happy with the ride and am seeing a real difference in HR vs. speed. I don't have a power meter (that's my next big purchase) to measure power vs. HR (which I guess is ideal), but the difference in speed at the same HR is great. This little forced cycling focus is good for me I think. I have a funny feeling this may take me to another level as a runner. Also, it has me considering some cycling races in the spring.