Monday, December 28, 2009

Rest Day, 40 min swim yesterday

Taking a rest day today. All the swimming this past 2 weeks has really played havoc on my upper body. To say my shoulders are sore is an understatement. The biproduct is, though, that I'm getting to be a pretty fast swimmer, and my butterfly is really coming along. I love the fact that I can actually swim another stroke. I was secretly jealous of all the other "good" swimmers at the pool that would do fly down the lane while I just kept on with my freestyle. Now I can show them who's boss! Ha!

Yesterday I did a 40 minute swim and it was really all I could muster. I didn't sleep well the night before and had a million and one post-holiday things to do. I still managed to get in some good time in my speedo, and felt strong in the water.

The foot is really coming along and it looks like, barring me doing anything stupid, it should be ready to go by January 1. This has been the most difficult time for me athletically. Having never had to deal with an injury that put me "out of the game" for more than a few days has taught me a lot of mental toughness. I always thought I had it, but this is tough. It's hard to have the discipline to rest when you want to move. You have to realize, though, that it's only rest that's going to bring you back to where you were and where you want to be. I feel strong physically and mentally, and I'm dying to go. It'll be nice to get back on the road again.

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